Fanbase Press

These are all pieces I wrote for Fanbase Press.

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These are all pieces I wrote for TheGamer.

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Sketch Comedy

These are a list of pieces I wrote during my time as a UCB Maude writer and others.

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Gaming Respawn

These are the reviews I wrote for Gaming Respawn.


Reality Bits Podcast

Prodcued and hosted by Jeremy Schmidt. Two big-shot Hollywood produces are searching for the next great reality show in this completely improvised comedy on the [opendischords] Network.

Video Games: A Comedy Show

Produced and hosted by Jeremy Schmidt. Comin' to ya LIVE from the Mushroom Kingdom it's none other than the Zoo Tycoon Crew themselves, breakin' down the LATEST and GREATEST in video game.

Stories, But Shorter

Produced by Jeremy Schmidt and hosted by Cassi Jerkins. Stories, But Shorter showcases the sprawling world of creative writing fiction/non-fiction and the beautiful people who choose to bare their soul on digital paper.

Our Podcast Got HACKED

Produced by Jeremy Schmidt - Riz and Liley are rich. Riz and Liley are twins. Riz and Liley are desperately trying to get their fanbase back after a series of mishaps forced them to start their podcast over from scratch. They basically got HACKED...


Dana Bell and Jeremy Schmidt are two Los Angeles writer/comedians who cannot STOP talking about their crushes. They love talking shop about crushes so much they have started their own podcast about it.

Chattin' Bout Chucky

Comedy writers Eric Koeppel and Jeremy Schmidt discuss the Chucky franchise one movie at a time.